Title: International Master of Martial Arts

Age: 50 years

Location: Giron, Colombia


Personal defense trainer for children of senators, governors, mayors and V.I.P. characters. of the scope of my city and my country Colombia.

Swimming coach and sports technique.

I work in the promotion of martial arts through national and international tournaments, seminars, meetings, exchanges, competitions and festivals of martial arts, swimming and sports.

I founded the LEON SILENCIOSO KUMITE CLUB school, associated with ITMAS, WKBO, MAKO, in January 1996; From this martial career we have more than 500 medals in combat and katas, the result of sincere and disciplined work.

Our goal is to guide young children and adults towards comprehensive improvement as excellent human beings and martial artists.


  • Technician in criminalistics.
  • Diploma in judicial police.
  • High UTS sports competition.
  • SENA sports leadership.
  • Black belt 3 dan karate kung fu and Wu tang Savete.
  • Personal defense expert.
  • Escort trainer USO Ecopetrol Colombia.
  • SIA security escort trainer.
  • Founding Director Silent Lion Kumite Club 1996.
  • Direct student of GM Jorge Alberto Sánchez Gómez.
  • Master’s student Ian Smith.
  • Studies in Taekwondo with sensei Andrés, a taekwondo student of GM Jorge Alberto Sánchez Gómez, and in turn this of GM Hernando Pinilla, founder of MAKO.
  • In kung fu we come from the master Jorge Alberto Sánchez, line of GM Pau Kar Isar (RIP).
  • Goru Ryu style karate by master Óscar Monk from Costa Rica.
  • Olympic fight of the master Atahualpa Ibarra 1987.
  • Amateur boxing of ING Alex from the Cartagena river, Colombia.


Sports level titles:

  • Internal champion Athletic cenfer freestyle combat 1988.
  • National fluid combat champion – 3 times – light contact.
  • Full contact national runner-up.
  • Point Fighting National Champion – 5 times –
  • National unarmed kata champion.
  • Bronze Tres Cantos International Tournament – Spain.
  • Runner-up combat to points – 3 times –
  • Pan-American champion in master combat Cali, Colombia 2019.
  • Champion 80 Kg light contact teachers Azteca Cup Mexico 2021.
  • Associations ITMAS USA, WKBO Mexico.
  • Seminars jiu jitsu master Luis Carreño of gracie jiu jitsu.