Our teacher TONY JAS, would stop accompanying us and teach us his martial art, JAS DO, but his legacy would continue to this day, in minds, bodies and even martial spirits, it cannot be hidden, and without mentioning the word deny… .that his legacy continues in force in all of us who were his students.
I give real testimony that in all that ex jasdo, you can see the trace very closely, that is, the DNA, as I call it….

TONY JAS was as real as his land, Colombia, who without having slanted eyes and being oriental, dared to do so much and in what way, that he did it like the best exponents of martial arts of his time, and why not mention his visionary capacity within the martial and non-martial, because he saw what many did not dare to do……

In short….the legacy will continue until the last man who dares and who is faithful and loyal to Jasdo, as a martial art, who does not let himself be dazzled by another art created by people equal to many of us, with defects and virtues, that one day dared and left their mark just like our teacher TONY…

The controversy can be very extensive and go a long way, because wherever you look today in our country, you will always see trails of smoke that carry the jas do with it, with sparks of fire and that even in the midst of the heavy rains that may have fallen do not stop shining, even more so for those who do not dare to look back and be brave and consistent with their roots that were planted and nurtured in the SUPERIOR SCHOOL OF KARATE AND KUNG FU JAS DO… .